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It's time to get steamy

It's time to get steamy

The key to hydration of any sort is always water. But sometimes, hair also needs a little heat to get things going. While hair steaming isn't a new concept, many are still not aware of the amazing benefits just a few minutes in a steamy shower can have on a dry hair and scalp.

Steam opens up the hair cuticles, allowing moisture to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, thus making it mor elikely that your hair will retain moisture. This is especially important if you have curly or coarse hair that tends to get dry easily.

Hair steamers add moisture to the hair without direct heat. They work by emitting steam, which opens up the hair cuticles and allows moisture to penetrate deeper into your strands.

Steam up the shower

If you're not feeling the need for a new tool, no problem -- skip the shower cap and let your tresses soak in all the hydration from the air. Clip longer hair up to keep prevent the hair from getting too wet. Then let the steam do all the heavy lifting.

Whether you use a hair steamer or steam in the shower, be sure to lock in all that hydration when you're finished. We recommend a light oil, like our STIMULATE hair and scalp oil. This ensures the water doesn't evaporate off of the hair and leave it feeling dry again.

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