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Relax: Repairing Your Hair

Relax: Repairing Your Hair

In a time when natural hair is becoming increasingly common, the choice to relax one's hair has become both sacred and controversial. However, WÜL Haircare aims to help ALL crowns in their journey to health. 

Relaxing hair is a chemical process that straightens curly and kinky textures by altering the bonds within the hair. In doing so, hair often loses protein and moisture in the application process.

Repair with protein

Protein is one of the most important ingredients for repairing damaged hair. It helps restore your hair by strengthening the cuticle and preventing breakage.

Protein is found in many foods such as eggs, fish, and meat. In haircare, protein is often found as a standalone treatment or as an ingredient in shampoo or conditioner. Our REPLENISH conditioner is formulated with soy protein to help repair hair after relaxing.

Restore moisture

Moisture is key to healthy hair. It helps prevent breakage, and it keeps your mane smooth and shiny. Here are some ways you can add moisture into your routine:

  • Use a deep conditioner once a week.
  • Use moisturizing styling products.
  • Drink plenty of water daily!

Relaxing your hair doesn't have to be an unhealthy process. With some key, restorative practices, you can have a healthy, relaxed crown to sport with pride.

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