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Hey, I’m Riss! I’m so glad you’re here and taking control of your hair health. I (accidentally) founded WÜL Haircare in 2020, after feeling orphaned by the natural haircare industry. With texturism and multi-step routines on the rise, natural haircare started to feel, well, less natural. Some products just weren't hydrating, strengthening, effective, or simple enough for those of us with REAL hair and REAL lives. Some products that once worked no longer did -- others just never did.

As someone who has always struggled to achieve and maintain a healthy crown, I knew my hair and scalp needed (and deserved) more than the market could offer. Paired with my sensitivity to certain ingredients and tired of not loving my hair, I defiantly took to my kitchen for a solution. The very first bottle of STIMULATE hair and scalp oil was created that day, and that's when everything kicked off.

I spent the next two years studying ingredients, the science of hair, and how to solve my own hair challenges. I worked tirelessly until I figured out a simple haircare system that wouldn't force consumers to sacrifice safety and quality in their products. Not only was I left with a product line I could be proud of, I was able to repair my fractured relationship with my own crown. 

Now, I'm on a mission to bring wellness back to textured haircare -- but it isn't just about clean ingredients. It's about learning how to properly care for our hair and scalp, transforming the way we see ourselves, and addressing that which we've been hiding. Healthy hair is your birthright. Let’s achieve it together with high quality, handcrafted products that are always simple, always clean, and always made with love.