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Summer Tresses, Hold the Damage!

Summer Tresses, Hold the Damage!

Summer is the best time to let your hair down and show it off. You can wear it out in a braid or twist, or keep it hidden under a hat or scarf. But the heat can also lead to a ton of damage if you aren't careful.

Summer brings a lot of joy to the hair.

Summer is a great time to wear your hair down. The heat and humidity can make it difficult to manage your locks, but with the right products, styles and tools, you'll be able to keep your tresses looking their best all summer long.

Summer is also an excellent time to get creative with your hairstyles by putting them up in braids or twists! This will help cut down on frizz and give some extra body that's perfect for warm weather fun!

The sun can dry out your scalp, so use a scalp moisturizer if you need to.

If you're feeling dry, use a natural scalp moisturizer. This can be any product that has ingredients like aloe vera or shea butter (or both). You can also try jojoba oil or coconut oil as well.

Braids, twists and updos are great for summer. You can get a head start on the season by learning how to make your own braided hairstyles at home. If you're looking for something more elaborate than just a braid or twist, try one of these classic updos that will keep your hair off your face while keeping its natural look intact.

Natural hair can survive summer!

In the summertime, it's important to remember that natural hair can be damaged by the sun just as much as chemical-treated hair. The sun's heat and UV rays can cause your strands to dry out, break off and turn brittle. And if you're planning on hitting up the beach or pool with your friends this summer (and why wouldn't you?), remember that chlorine is also very damaging for your locks!

Finally, pollution can wreak havoc on all types of tresses--even those with no chemicals in them at all--so try not to walk around town with your face covered in sunscreen, because it'll get into your eyes and nose where they don't belong!

Don't forget your hair.

It's easy to focus on the skin and nails, but don't forget about your hair! A good moisturizing product or leave-in conditioner will help keep dryness at bay and prevent damage from heat. If you're going to be out in the sun for long periods of time (or even just want some extra protection), wear a hat or scarf that covers as much of your neck as possible--this will protect both yourself and any exposed skin from harmful UV rays.

Use a light spritz of hair mist before heading outdoors.

As you're getting ready for the day, spritz a light hydrator, like our REFRESH herbal hair mist, to your hair. It'll help to keep your locks moisturized and minimize frizz while also protecting them from environmental damage like sun exposure and humidity.

Protect those strands against the sun's harmful rays with a good hat or scarf.

It's important to protect your precious tresses from the sun's harmful rays, especially if you're planning on spending any time outdoors this summer. While a hat or scarf will do the trick (and keep them out of harm's way), it is also important that you wear them even when indoors--as UV rays can still penetrate through windows and glass doors. Press Tab to write more...


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