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Too Much of a Good Thing

Too Much of a Good Thing

For many people, the restorative process of conditioning is the most enjoyable part of wash-day. There's nothing greater than the satisfaction of moisture making its way back into your hair after cleansing. Some people love conditioning, they leave it on for hours at a time -- sometimes overnight. However, hair needs a delicate balance of both moisture and protein to maintain its proper structure.

Too much protein can be harmful.

Too much protein can be harmful. Your hair needs to be able to adapt to changes in its environment, but if you're using too many products with protein in them, your hair will have trouble doing so. This can lead to breakage and even frizziness because the cuticle becomes ruffled from all of the extra moisture being absorbed by each strand of your hair. Protein is a great ingredient in hair care products, but an excess can build up in your hair after a while and cause damage.

Protein is found in many hair care products and it's the main component of healthy hair. Proteins make up about 1/3 of your hair shafts and help strengthen them by forming bonds between overlapping scales on each strand of keratin (the protein that makes up most of our bodies). However, if you use too much protein-based conditioner or shampoo on a regular basis--or even just once every few weeks--your strands will become over saturated with this vital nutrient, resulting in buildup around the cuticle layer where it's not supposed to be!

Be careful not to overdo it with deep conditioning treatments.

It's tempting to use a deep conditioning treatment for hours and hours after every wash, but it's not necessary or good for your hair. In fact, if you use them too often and too long, they can actually damage the cuticle of your hair shafts and make them weaker over time. You might be wondering why your hair is breaking off and you're not sure what to do about it. What's the difference between a healthy amount of conditioner and too much? One sign of over-conditioning is breakage.

Another sign of over-conditioning: if your hair gets so soft that it doesn't hold its shape or look shiny anymore, this means you've used too much product--you may have even used more than one kind at once! If this happens, try using less next time (or just one type). You can also try switching up your routine by using an oilier conditioner on the ends of your hair instead of an ultra-hydrating one all over--it will give them some extra moisture without weighing down the roots as much. 

Just remember that too much of a good thing can be bad for your hair!

Protein is an important part of healthy, shiny hair, but if you use too much it can lead to breakage. If you're using deep conditioning treatments or masks on a regular basis, watch out for breakage around the hairline or at the root area where there's less density of hairs growing out of the scalp.

If your ends are feeling dry and brittle after using these products regularly, try switching up your routine with a lighter conditioner that contains less protein content instead--you'll still get all the benefits without worry about overdoing it!


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