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The dangers of silicones

The dangers of silicones

Silicones are a chemical compound that are found in many beauty products, from makeup to hair products. They can be used for everything from protecting and smoothing skin to providing a shine to your hair. While these chemicals have been around for years, there are still some concerns about the dangers of silicones.

Why are silicones bad?

Silicones are a type of polymer that can be found in many cosmetic products. They are used for their ability to add shine, lubricity, and waterproofing properties to hair products. However, they also have some negative effects on your hair health and can cause buildup on the surface of your strands if left untreated.

Silicones are bad for your hair and you should try to avoid them.

Silicones are bad for your hair and you should try to avoid them. Silicones are polymers, resins, or plastic in origin and they can be found in many products you use on a daily basis: conditioners, shampoos and styling products.

Silicone coats the surface of each strand of hair making it appear smooth and shiny but this coating also interferes with moisture absorption which causes split ends because your cuticle can't open up properly!

Silicones have varying solubility, meaning they cannot be easily removed from the hair by washing.

Silicones are not easily removed from the hair by washing. This is because they are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water and other liquids. Silicone build-up can lead to dry and brittle hair, frizziness and dullness in your locks.

How to know if your products contain silicones? Check the label.

If you're looking for silicone-free products, the first thing you should do is check the ingredients label. Common silicones found in haircare are:

  • Dimethicone

  • Cyclomethicone

  • Amodimethicone

  • Cetearyl Methicone

If you've been using products with silicones in them and are experiencing dry hair, we recommend switching to an alternate. While it may take some time to fully strip the silicone from your hair, it's worth the effort to restore your main. Not sure where to start? Check out any of our products as none of them contain silicones.

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